What is Mala?

A Mala or ‘garland’ is a sacred prayer necklace made of 108 beads and comes from the south east asian religion and is used similar to a rosary.

The ‘garland’ symbolizes our unity with one another and our higher power, it is a sacred vessel that connects you to the divine through prayer, meditation and mantra practice.

Handmade and knotted between each bead, it is a tool to deepen one’s meditation or to serve as a talisman, a sacred adornment, to stay connected to your intention to live more mindfully.

All the pieces are made with precious stones, high quality materials, ethically sourced and crafted by Hana.

About Hana Pepin

Birthed from an eternal love, Enchanted Strands is created to inspire self empowerment, self-love, authentic relations and to spark a flame for people to follow their hearts message and dreams.

Hana creates each piece placing prayers and affirmations in the stones to help the wearer connect to their divine truth, higher power and conscious living. Starting in 2014 the pieces have become a sacred symbol for people to connect with their true self, to support healing, and to aid in the evolution of one’s spiritual journey and practices through meditation and mantra (japa) practice.

She started practicing yoga in 2012 at Corepower yoga and quickly realized how white washed and appropriated yoga was and how the emphasis on just asana (postures) did not allow for all that yoga encompasses. She deepend her practice through reading sacred scriptures of yoga, and advanced her yoga training in Peru with The Kula Collective and Sacred Paths Yoga to better learn of the spiritual world through shamanic studies. This opportunity led to serving cacao ceremonies through the entire US and overseas to Bali and Costa Rica where she now shares the teachings of yoga through 200 hour yoga teacher training. Over the years she practices meditation, mindfulness with Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield, NVC (non-violent communication) with Marshall D. Rosenberg, yoga, japa and mantra, and holistic herbalism with Sajah Popham at Evolutionary School of Herbalism.  She advocates for meditation and mantra practice as a way to connect with your higher self and live a more fulfilled and mindful lifestyle. Most recently she studied ayurvedic astrology, medical astrology and ayurvedic gemology with David Drawley & Judith Hill for customizing mala beads per each person’s unique blueprint at the moment of their birth via their birth chart reading. It is Enchanted Strands that created a bridge for her to connect with other beings who want to live a more authentic lifestyle while practicing these ancient traditions with reverence. She looks forward to continuing her education in supporting BIPOC, LGBTQ communities and more organization that advocate for equality for all