Meet Hana Pepin

Enchanted Strands is a manifestation of eternal love designed to inspire self-empowerment, self-love, and authentic connections. Crafting each piece with prayers and affirmations, Hana aims to help wearers connect with their divine truth, higher power, and conscious living.

Hana’s yoga journey began in 2012 at Corepower yoga, sparking a deep exploration into the spiritual dimensions of yoga. Furthering her practice in Peru with The Kula Collective and Sacred Paths Yoga, she delved into shamanic studies, ultimately leading her to serve cacao ceremonies globally. As a 500 E-RYT, Mindfulness Mentor, Herbal Practitioner, and Trauma-Informed Yoga Guide, Hana advocates for meditation and mantra practice as pathways to higher self-connection and mindful living.

With over 12 years of teaching experience in San Diego, Hana has amassed over 7,000 hours of certifications. She facilitates 200-hour yoga teacher training and retreats worldwide, believing in yoga as a practice to expand body awareness, mindfulness, and consciousness. Hana’s teachings seamlessly weave together diverse elements such as yoga philosophy, neuroscience, shamanic principles, and Buddhism.

Enchanted Strands serves as a bridge for Hana to connect with like-minded souls embracing authenticity.  Beyond yoga, Hana offers Mindfulness Mentorships, Holistic Wellness Counseling, Integrative Nutrition, Ayurvedic Counseling with personal recipes, meal plans, rituals, and self-care practices. Guided by Ayurvedic principles, she invites individuals to join her in creating a holistic, balanced lifestyle for cleansing the body and harmonizing with nature.

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What is Mala?

A Mala or ‘garland’ is a sacred prayer necklace made of 108 beads and comes from the south east asian religion and is used similar to a rosary.

The ‘garland’ symbolizes our unity with one another and our higher power, it is a sacred vessel that connects you to the divine through prayer, meditation and mantra practice.

Handmade and knotted between each bead, it is a tool to deepen one’s meditation or to serve as a talisman, a sacred adornment, to stay connected to your intention to live more mindfully.

All the pieces are made with precious stones, high quality materials, ethically sourced and crafted by Hana.

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