Alchemical Cauldron: A Journey on the Middle Path

Would you like to feel more grounded through your day? Do you want to balance the ebb and flow of your daily interactions in all aspects of your life? Do you want to level up your relationship with your work, personal life, playtime and leisure?

This series with Hana and Jonathan is to bring more awareness and understanding to the masculine and feminine energies that exist within all of us. These polarities are what drive us and help us operate at our highest or hinder us, keeping us reacting out of insecurity. By doing this work we will find a way to support these polarities with greater ease and less effort, allowing us to consistently embody our greatest good.

Ongoing Virtual Course

This 6 week go-at-your-own-pace journey is designed to support your graduation into the realms and spheres you have always wanted. We will give you the appropriate tools for you to create the capacity to support yourself in your highest spiritual states and your most grounded human form. Each week is intelligently designed and themed. All videos are pre- recorded to go at your own pace and our live gatherings will be recorded to you to watch later.

Whats Included:

18 total practices of yoga, meditation and chanting (pre-recorded)

6 30 minute themed yoga practice

6 15 minute themed meditations

6 15 minutes themed chanting

weekly themes, inspiration, and transformative activities

weekly optional journal prompts for personal explorations

mala meditation necklace & sacred sage bundle set

Payment Options

Deposit (included in total): $50

Full Payment: $500

Early Bird Payment: $250

3 Month Payment:

$500 ( $166 a month)


    For payment plans email

    You will receive weekly emails with recorded yoga practices, chanting and meditation practices to relate with each theme. All LIVE session are recorded. You will also have the opportunity to explore balance and transformation through daily interactions, activities and techniques to alchemize your personal life.

    Alchemical Cauldron is an experiential based program designed to offer you the tools necessary for personal transformation and transmutation. We are all capable of redesigning our relationship with ourself and our life for inner peace, spiritual awakening, and understanding of suffering. These practices provided are direct ways to integrate yourself more fully into the present moment for balance, harmony, personal liberation and a greater ease to life challenges.

    The Male and Female Within

    Each of us has male and female energies within us. Our female energy is the intuitive self- deep, wise, guiding aspects of ourselves. Feminine energy is receptive, thus it forms the channel through which our Higher Self moves to connect with us. Our female speaks to us through inner promoting, gut feelings, or images that arise out of a deep place within us. When we do not listen to the voice of our intuition, the female energy within us will often communicate through dreams or emotions, or through our physical condition.

    Our male aspect takes action in the world. It enables us to do things- to build, to speak, to move our bodies. Where the female within is receptive, our male energies are assertive, outgoing, and expressive. It is the male within us that brings ideas into being, transforms thought into form.

    Female intuition plus male action equals creativity. The feminine is the source of creative inspiration and the masculine implements her vision. The interplay of these energies within us is the vehicle for the creative energy of the universe to channel through us. So the more in tune with each aspect we are, the more easily we are able to listen to and act on the voice of our intuition.

    In this course you will meet your inner female and male, these practices will help you discover your inner goals and visions and make these visions reality.