Wheel of the Year

Christmas – Yule – Winter Solstice

Greetings, kind and wise friends!    I’m so grateful to be wrapping up 2021 and easing into 2022 with every one of you.    During this time of year, everyone starts talking about the same things.  Resolutions, manifestations, goals, and projections. There’s a very present theme of “WHAT’S NEXT?”    And while I fully support the process of envisioning your desires and conceptualizing how to make them...

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Samhain – All Saint’s Day

Samhain: All Souls Night-Divination Guide.    You’ve probably heard of “Day of the Dead,” but have you ever heard of “All souls night?”     Samhain, also known as “All souls night” and the “Witches new year,” is a celebration of the halfway point of autumn. It’s the 7th sabbath of the seasonal wheel, believed to be a night where the veil between realms of the...

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