Wheel of the Year

Litha- Summer Solstice

As the summer solstice also know as Litha brings the longest day of the year, she sets the stage for a passionate, intuitive, and feminine cancer season (6/21). The moon is the ruling planet of the Cancer zodiac, and moonstone is one of the primary minerals that embodies the multidimensional traits of mama luna and Cancerian energy. Jubilance and flow are in...

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I’ve got another seasonal guide to help you honor and celebrate mother nature’s re-birthing. Greetings, kind and wise friends! Mother earth is preparing to welcome her annual flush of new life! 🌱After many months in dormancy, now is the time to shed your old shell, burrow your roots deeply and stretch your limbs to the warmth above the surface. Ostara March 3-21 The season is...

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 Harnessing the gifts of Imbolc this February.  Greetings, enchanted friends! We all know the 4 seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter, but you might not know the 8 seasons of The wheel of the year.  The Wheel of the year has been observed and celebrated by several nature-oriented teachings for thousands of years.  I’m ever inspired by the synchronicities and comforts that...

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