Igniting Your Life with Purpose

Igniting Your Life with Purpose

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”- Joseph Campbell


Fire is the gift which lights up the night, it is the light within the dark. We too hold this sacred flame, one that sparks courage to step into the unknown, to face our fears, to break down previous beliefs, old habits, and past constructs so we may break through the walls which keep us stuck and contained in suffering. To be authentic is to burn away all the layers, masks and hats we wear until we discover our truest self at the core of our existence.

The lesson that the Maṇipūra, Solar Plexus chakra teaches us is to take action where action is necessary. Do not undermine your own integrity and authenticity. You can will your dreams into being, it begins by taking authority over your own life.


What does it mean to take back your power?

Where does power come from?

How do you get it? How is it used?

Why do you need it?

How can you empower others without diminishing that of others?

What would your life look like if you had a strong will to carry out your dreams?


To stand up on your own for what you believe in can be a challenge, especially when most of us were taught to act under authority and passively put our thoughts and feelings aside. The third Chakra is about taking back your power. Reclaiming your ability to be happy, free and content.

The Maṇipūra, Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the center of our core therefore is associated with the digestive system, lower back and diaphragm. The element of this chakra is fire and its purpose is to transform our emotions into proper action. It is associated with our physical energy levels, activity, individuality, personal will, self-esteem, and power.

When this center is balanced it may assist with being responsible and reliable, balanced and confident. You may have improved self-esteem, spontaneity, appropriate discipline and are able to meet the challenges in life with a warm personality.

When this chakra is deficient one may experience having a weak will, is easily manipulated and somewhat emotionally cold. Too much solar energy and you could feel overly aggressive, dominating and controlling.

The healing process in this energy center invites you to reflect on your childhood. Were you raised into obedience by parents and teachers? Trained in cooperation with large power structures, “we have become a society of victims and controllers” Anodea Judith says. “We see power in terms of eat or be eaten, control or be controlled, winners or losers, one up or one down.”