Magic of the Moon – Sacred Benefits of Moonstone

Magic of the Moon – Sacred Benefits of Moonstone

The bright shining moon is spellbinding, the play of light between clouds, a milky and a bluish radiance. This enchanting aura is known as the magic of the moon, which is seen in the Moonstone. Birthstone for June, this gemstone possesses a mystic gift. It holds our inner truths, and its vigor brings the hidden bits of the soul to the light. These are some of the Moonstone benefits. As our connection with the moon has been embedded beyond time, we are eternally associated with its different faces. Often crowned as a spark for lovers’ passion, a protective talisman for travelers, a medium for prediction, this mystic gemstone has the power of the moon that you can carry.

History of Moonstone

Revered for thousands of years, it was earlier used by monks, spiritualists, and other mystics, who renounced materialism to follow their inner journey. The Moonstone jewelry abolishes superficiality and fortifies the faith of religious people across the world. Besides, it has been a stable gem for around two thousand years in Roman Jewelry. They believe that Moonstone unfolds the Moon Goddess’ image – Diana bestows love, wealth, wisdom, and victory of the wearer of Moonstone jewelry.

The Rainbow Moonstone, a type of moonstone, is known for its vibrations of feminine or goddess energy that seems to glow from within oneself. It is a stone of protection, shielding the aura from unwanted energies and deflect negative influences that arise during the therapy or healing sessions. The radiant qualities of Rainbow Moonstone make it a mystical bringer of light that facilitates spiritual growth and development.

Moonstone has been used around the world for many reasons. A few we can focus on:

Gemstone for Travelers

Birthstone for June, Moonstone is known as travelers’ stone. It protects the travelers who travel at night or above water, especially when the moon is shining. The stone was used to illuminate when there was no electricity, and now it elucidates the dark times of our lives. As it elevates the energy of hope, Moonstone has been worn as a talisman to protect explorers and boost their personalities. The ones who constantly travel can place one in their glove compartment for smooth driving or wear this beautiful gem to prevent road rage.

Gemstone for healing

Often known as the psychic gem, Moonstone harmonizes different energies of spiritual or biological makeup. It distributes the nutrients in the body, washes toxins away, and heals digestive system disorders. It helps children and teenagers to grow taller, and for old people, it serves as an anti-aging stone. Now coming to the emotional aspect, it soothes and calms the heart. Due to its balancing energies, the wearer does not repress emotions but trusts the higher will. It identifies emotional patterns that develop bad habits and filter volatile thoughts to replace them with a balanced approach. Besides, it gifts a flash of feeling and compassion to the wearer that brings inner happiness. As it is connected to feminine energies, it amplifies intuitions. Women use this stone to enhance their psychic and kundalini powers.

Gemstone for Meditation

Moonstone has the power to facilitate a deeper meditative state. The blue and cat’s eye Moonstone Beads promote vision and clarity, enhance focus during meditation, and improve awareness during altered states. They also balance yin and yang energy and reveals emotional patterns and life lessons. In addition, Gray Moonstone beads facilitate deeper perceptions in the new realms and are effective for shamans and clairvoyants.

Besides, the white-colored stone has the highest energy of a new moon. It facilitates psychic perceptions, visions and works with dreams. These gemstones magnify emotions, activate kundalini energy for women, and encourages emotional balance in men. Similarly, yellow and peach Moonstone’s power heart and mind. In meditation, these stones reduce the anxiety and increase focus to bring out the best behavior.

How to use Moonstone for meditation?

  • For the best results, place the Moonstone over the heart and solar plexus while meditating to balance emotions. Try deep breathing to support emotional awareness and healing.
  • Put it on a chain that allows it to hang close to the heart.
  • While lying on the back, place the stone in a line that extends from the navel to the breastbone.
  • Moonstone malas are effective during pregnancy and childbirth

How to use these malas?

  • Hold Moonstone mala in the left hand to meditate.
  • Hold first Moonstone bead between thumb and index finger.
  • Recite one mantra, move to the next bead, and repeat.

Moonstone Jewelry

With the new age movement, different gemstones are being used to guide us in our unique journey. Moonstone jewelry is the easiest way to ensure that you keep the benefits close to yourself. People tend to buy handmade jewelry made from Moonstone as each piece is unique, just like all of us. Due to their enchanting appearance and their impact on life, moonstone jewelry has grown over the past few years. You can buy handmade jewelry online from Enchanted Strands. We are a trusted name for gemstone malas that helps you attain spirituality and guide you through meditation with affirmations.

If you have any concerns associated with the Moonstone, comment below or write to us.

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