Third Eye Meditation

Third Eye Meditation

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the dimension of light. It is the center of clarity and wisdom. The Sanskrit name for this Chakra is Ājñā, which means “Command”. This refers to the fact that it is the Third Eye Center in which we gain the higher understanding and wisdom that should guide us in each of our actions. An open Third Eye Chakra opens us to both conceptual, intellectual understanding and discrimination, as well as to abstract, spiritual understanding through direct being and experience.

Enjoy this Guided Meditation allows for a deeper connection with your self and intuition. As we gain insight and clarity into our life’s purpose and path, the third eye carves the way for our connection to our higher power.

Hana Pepin

Hana is a world-wide recognized yoga educator, holistic herbal practitioner, medical astrology practitioner and seeker of mystic ancient traditions. She created Enchanted Strands to support fellow seekers on the road less traveled and hopes to inspire independent thinking humans to live fulfilled and passionately.

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