Restoring Your Temple Root Chakra

Restoring Your Temple Root Chakra

To heal our relationship to our bodies is to heal our relationship with the Earth. To regain our ground is to regain our aliveness, and the foundation of all that follows.”

If you decided tomorrow to grow a garden, you could not just throw seeds into the earth and hope they take care for themselves. You would instead determine when is the best time to plant, sow the seeds, turn the soil, establish proper amounts of light, water and nourishment for each plant. With proper care and nurturing on a daily basis, the seeds begin to grow.

Think of your body as the Earth which absorbs the seeds of self-love, trust, and growth, so that it will flourish into a magnificent garden that is life. Just like a book, your body stores vast amounts of vital information, which can teach you, heal you, and preserve you. “When we take care of our bodies, our bodies take care of us.” You can then trust in your inner and outer environments, feeling safe and supported.

We too must learn to create an environment in which to flourish. In today’s fast-paced, hyper-stimulated society we must make a conscious effort to place ourselves into the environments which help us bloom and grow. Many people might tell you that you are doing it wrong or you should do it like them. They will put you down or tell you it is not the right way. But, who knows the way to your own happiness better than yourself?

Look at who you are, the choices you make, and your basic instincts when faced with challenges or fear and you will recognize where you hold yourself back from living the life you desire. Can you acknowledge fears which need to be faced? What people you might need to forgive? What choices you can make that will lead you to manifest your dreams and goals?

To set a strong and rooted foundation in your garden, you can connect with the Mūlādhāra (root) Chakra. This energy center sits at the base of the spine and governs your legs, feet, and connection to the Earth. The Earth provides us with all the nutrients we need in our lives. It nourishes the food we eat, the trees with which we exchange oxygen, the wood we build our homes and the places we sit together in community. The Earth is the support on which we crawl, walk, and stand.

The Mūlādhāra (root) Chakra basic instinct is survival. Therefore it relates to our health, money, housing, job safety, and security. When survival threats are frequent we tend to stay in the energy of fight or flight response, constantly feeling fear of not having enough, feeling resistance to change, and feeling victimized.

Where does fear come from? How does it serve you? Does it make you want to run and hide? Does it make you angry and activated or paralyzed and confused?

When we live in fear, we are constantly putting stress on the body. The nervous system and adrenals remain overworked. The adrenals pump adrenaline into the body which then creates the flight or fight response. We all know this to be true. It is the difference between flipping someone off, yelling in your car, and remaining calm when someone cuts you off on the road. It is the difference between trusting within yourself to travel alone to a foreign country or never trying something new out of fear of failure, worry and danger. Meeting basic survival needs offers security, stability and “enough freedom to expand beyond survival consciousness”.

Without grounding we are unstable. Like trying to build a house on a pile of rocks, our foundation is unsteady and easily broken. ‘We lose the ability to contain, to hold our ground, thus cannot sustain boundaries to build up our inner power and strength. Boundaries allow for transformation.’

With proper boundaries you become a conduit for cultivating your goals and dreams.You learn who to share you time with and what you allow into your lives. Establishing boundaries is the groundwork to feeling safe and supported and to trust in yourself and life. Boundaries allow you to give yourself what you need when you need it without falling into cravings, desires, and lust. They provide balance and anchor you to your individual intentions and self-preservation.

When the Mūlādhāra (root) Chakra is deficient you may feel contracted, vacant, weak, sloppy, tight, totally out of touch with feelings, and may have difficulty concentrating. You may not recognize the body’s importance and are more interested in fantasy, dreams, knowledge, and spiritual concepts.

In opposition, when you are excessive, or have too much energy, in this Chakra center, you may experience resistance to change, stiffness, sluggishness, boredom, and fear of change. In this state, routine, security, possessions, and financial achievement are of more importance than seeking inner fulfillment and safety.

When balanced you may feel grounded yet dynamic, flexible and consistent, at ease with both expansion and contraction.

Hana Pepin

Hana is a world-wide recognized yoga educator, holistic herbal practitioner, medical astrology practitioner and seeker of mystic ancient traditions. She created Enchanted Strands to support fellow seekers on the road less traveled and hopes to inspire independent thinking humans to live fulfilled and passionately.

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