Reclaiming Your Aliveness through the Sacral Chakra

Reclaiming Your Aliveness through the Sacral Chakra

Have you ever witnessed endless ocean waves rolling in and out to sea? There seems to be a union, harmony, and synchronicity within its formation of chaos. It is as if we too, resemble this ebb and flow of life. Our bodies age, change, and decay, people come into our lives and then leave, we realize we cannot hold onto anything because all life is impermanent. Our ability to sense what is going on in any given moment help us to know what is pleasurable and what is not. Through our senses we come to understand our emotions. Our emotions guide us towards more experiences which will bring us either pleasure or suffering.

By tuning into your emotions, you can allow yourself to let go of previous constructs towards beliefs and paradigms which no longer serve who you are today. If you take a look at social media or any sort of broadcast television, you will see a lot of suffering in the world, crime, anger, pain, envy and greed. How we choose to express these emotions determines the world we live in and make more 7 generations to come.

“Learn to trust your senses. If the senses bring in raw information, feelings are the unconscious reaction to this information, and emotions are the way we organize our feelings.”- Anodea Judith

It comes as no surprise that this chakra is all about exploring the senses to experience the world as it is and live life in a creative way. Life can be challenging, uncertain, and spontaneous. We can also see life as a gift, as a pleasurable experience, as an opportunity to recreate our reality every single moment. What causes our suffering is our attachment towards experiences our senses have labeled as good or bad, the past and the future.

The Svādhiṣṭhāna (sacral) Chakra main purpose is to establish creative thinking, adaptability and the capability to interpret our emotions. The element associated with this energy center is water, which symbolizes the ebb and flow of our inner and outer lands. When we are imbalanced in this energy center, we may experience holding onto feelings of guilt. Whereas the Root Chakra teaches us to understand our basic needs and honor the right to have those needs, the Sacral teaches us how to transcribe our emotions and to maneuver through this world with a sense of exploration and curiosity.

“Our culture equates maturity with the ability to deny pleasure. We are often told to put our pleasures away as we grow older- to sit still, work hard, deny or control our feelings. Pleasures we once knew become regulated by guilt, held inside by rigidity in the body and rigidity in our thinking. What becomes rigid also becomes brittle and fragile. Because of its fragility, a rigid system needs to be strongly defended, and that defense results in a close state.”- Anodea Judith

Feeling is considered an inferior function in our culture. Therefore, most of us are disassociated from our bodies or we don’t trust what we are feeling when we feel it. We are taught that we must work hard and achieve more, which has led us to a society of constant stimulation.Therefore it is our greatest achievement to step into our bodies and senses to feel its innate wisdom. To move, think, and act from a place of understanding ourselves.

You have the “right to feel” passion, pleasure, growth, change and transformation. When the Sacral Chakra is balanced, you feel strongly connected with your own vitality, power, creativity, emotions, and intimacy. You can tune into the senses, translate feelings into action and flow into the necessary changes which offer expansion and self awareness.

Many therapies focus on emotions. Feelings of fear, frustration, shame, or anxiety initiate the quest for change and the beginning of transformation. When we run from emotions (something that is culturally supported) we run from the very gateway to our transformation. The way we hold our bodies tells us a lot about what kind of emotions are stored beneath our awareness. In areas of the body that are frozen, encourage movement to help free the emotions and restore aliveness and mobility. Follow that which you desire. Desire is a spiritual and emotional impulse that inspires us to move to something greater, to embrace change.