Samhain – All Saint’s Day

Samhain – All Saint’s Day

Samhain: All Souls Night-Divination Guide. 


You’ve probably heard of “Day of the Dead,” but have you ever heard of “All souls night?”  


Samhain, also known as “All souls night” and the “Witches new year,” is a celebration of the halfway point of autumn. It’s the 7th sabbath of the seasonal wheel, believed to be a night where the veil between realms of the living and dead are thinnest! 


Practices like honoring our ancestors and divination have been practiced on this night for centuries! 


I know that these types of practices have a cinematic and creepy reputation. (Thanks, Hollywood) But channeling our ancestors doesn’t require opening any portals or ouija boards! It can be simple, modern, and a delightful soul-nurturing practice! 


I want to help you approach this practice with confidence, so I’ve compiled a few tips that will help you facilitate a divination ritual. Your ritual can be as simple or involved as you like it! What’s important is making it authentic and special, TO YOU. 

Explore your intuitive inclinations! 


Energy is everything:

Your energy is going to impact your perception of any experience. So you want to go into it with clear and grounded energy. There’s 2 practices that can help you do this:


  1. Define your intention for your divination ritual. What or who are you hoping to invoke? And even deeper than that, what is your heart yearning to feel and see from this experience? Write out a blueprint for the ritual. You’ll feel more connected while holding the space, and your energy will be in alignment with your desires. 
  2. Premeditate and slow down. Can you give yourself 15 minutes before you get started to just rest in awareness? Or make a cup of tea? Take a hot bath? Anything that allows you to ease into a calm state. Patience and curiosity are essential for divination practices! 


Use tools that you genuinely resonate with:


Unlocking your intuitive channels and subconscious wisdom is unique for all of us! There are infinite ways to utilize tools for divination. Explore those tools and give yourself permission to use the ones that ignite curiosity and synchronicity within you! Free yourself from any dogmas about “how” you have to interpret the information. 


Here are a few tools for your Divination ritual: (just in case you need a few suggestions) 

-Tarot/ Oracle cards.

-Candle Gazing/ Meditation 

-Pictures of ancestors. 

-Pendulum with a map or crystal grid. 


Don’t overwork the Information you receive:

The one thing I want you to remember during your ritual is that divination is subtle and objective to the energy of the container. What you’re seeing is a mirror of your energy, the energy of the people around you, and the energy in the room.  What comes through is what’s most relevant at that moment. Stay open, curious, and explorative. Divination is an art that takes practice. It’s like learning a new language! Make sure to journal all the messages that come through after your ritual! 


I want you to think of your divination ritual as an interactive meditation, focusing on moving into a deep state of presence, openness, communication, and awareness! 


I hope this helps! Happy Samhain!