Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is associated with the subtle element of ether. It is related to communication, authenticity, and purification. The Sanskrit name of this Chakra is Viśuddha, combined from the two words visha (= impurity, poison) and suddhi (= purify), which is mostly translated into “the purifier“. This name stems from the fact that the Throat Chakra is considered to be the source of a subtle energy called Udāna prāṇa vāyu. The function of this specific prāṇa is to purify the body of toxic substances while breathing and to purify the psyche and the subconscious mind from everything we suppressed by “swallowing it down”, instead of fully experiencing and expressing it.


The Throat Chakra invites us to allow an authentic expression of our inner world, first towards ourselves, then towards the outside world. In this way, we purify our expression until we can fully live as our true self, with a free flow between the outer and inner world.

Hana Pepin

Hana is a world-wide recognized yoga educator, holistic herbal practitioner, medical astrology practitioner and seeker of mystic ancient traditions. She created Enchanted Strands to support fellow seekers on the road less traveled and hopes to inspire independent thinking humans to live fulfilled and passionately.

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