Online Master Course: Chakra Awakening

Whether you are a beginner or a holistic practitioner working with clients, this program gives you the skills and strategies to help yourself and the people you care about with the power and knowledge of The Chakra system.

Begins September 23rd

Whats Included:

7 one hour live sessions (Wednesday 9am Pacific Time)

7 1 hour Chakra themed yoga practice

7 15 minute Chakra guided meditations

7 15 minutes Chakra Chanting

7 30 minute Chakra themed extra activity per week

7 optional journal prompts/ personal explorations

One-on-One guidance & 3 Live Group Q&A

This is a step-by-step 7 Week GO AT YOUR OWN PACE deep-dive experience like no other. We get into some serious detail, giving you knowledge and tools you'll use for years to come. Each week is intelligently designed and themed starting from the root chakra and traveling up to the crown Chakra. All videos are recorded including Q&A.

Payment Options

Deposit (included in total): $50

Full Payment: $555

7 Month Payment:

$555 ( $79 a month)


    For international payments email

    You will receive weekly affirmations, recorded yoga practices and meditation practices to relate with each Chakra. All LIVE session and Q&A are recorded and you can go at your own pace for up to 7 months. You will also have the opportunity to explore healing the Chakras through food recommendations, gemstones to have around and meditate with, and essential oils to work with.

    For each chakra we explore the location, gland, plexus, sense, element, Yantra (Chakra symbol), Bija Mantra (Chakra sound), and purpose within the physical body and how it relates to our overall health, common imbalances and obstacles within the energy center, chakra trauma, excessive and deficient characteristics, how to know if the chakra is healthy or unhealthy, as well as deities that govern each Chakra, the Koshas, Gunas, 8 fold path, planets, esoteric day of the week, Mandala, Christian Sacraments related to the Chakras, the Kabbalah related to the Chakras, and the Archetype of each Chakra.

    Root Chakra

    Finding your foundation, reconnecting with the body, healing family traumas, getting grounded and centered, cultivating mindfulness, setting of intention. Getting to know yourself and your constitution for vitality, health and wellness.

    Sacral Chakra

    Creatively stepping into your authentic self, exploring personal boundaries, being in a state of flow and surrender. Healing the inner child, reproductive system and learning your personal yes/no. Movement therapy and emotional release or containment exercises, addiction work.

    Solar Plexus Chakra

    Embodying confidence, courage and personal power. Working with Anger and channeling your expression into proper action. Taking action in your life to live your truth. Risk taking and stress control. Working through shame and learning about the digestive system. Deep diving into our relationship with food and the way we digest information.

    Heart Chakra

    Foraging forgiveness and self love. Learning how to connect with others and healing traumas of the broken heart. Breathing Exercises, working with arms, reaching out and taking in, self-discovery, journaling, emotional release of grief, codependency work. Practices revolve around the heart, arms and shoulders.

    Throat Chakra

    Living your truth, personal expression and reinventing how you show up in the world for personal fulfillment. Healing the voice. Loosening the neck and shoulders, learning how to non-violently communicate, letter writing, finding your voice, mantra chanting and kirtan.Establishing a rhythm to live creatively.

    Third Eye Chakra

    Seeing your world into being; how you perceive yourself, the art of intuitive heart awareness, understanding the higher brain functions and how to optimize; guided visualizations and the power of archetypes; art therapy, past life regressions therapy.

    Crown Chakra

    Reestablishing a connection to a higher power, altar building and spiritual study. Examining our beliefs, developing the inner witness and spiritual connection. Transforming knowledge into wisdom and cultivated open-mindedness.