Carrying the power of the sun, it is warm and comforting, energizing and life-giving. It stimulates the chakras like the sunlight of spring, clearing the mind and stirring the soul to action. Its frequency awakens creativity and imagination and sustains the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form. It is a stone of abundance and manifestation, attracting wealth and prosperity, and success. Citrine is useful in meditation to open the doors to inner thought. It allows the flow of the Universal Life Force and promotes an easy transition into the meditative state. It enhances physical stamina, and energy supports the endocrine system and encourages proper metabolism. Helping you to see things in a different light, it adds clarity, waking things up and adding zest, optimism, and meaning to your life and relationships. Citrine honour Persephone, Greek Goddess of Spring. She represents celebration and the Earth alive with new growth. Is the traditional birthstone for November.

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