Custom Mala

“Enchanted Strands” has the most Divine mala I’ve come across. Her customs pieces are energetically attuned to each individual. I highly recommend “Enchanted Strands” for your next spiritual piece of jewelry.


This workshop is one of my favorite ever experiences. Hana is the perfect teacher and guide. As well as how to make a mala, she also shared with us the history of malas, how to use one properly and where to get mala supplies. I am very excited and enthused about mala making and can't wait to make more!

I was very excited when I saw the email from White Rabbit offering this workshop, I was drawn to it immediately. I am overjoyed that I listened to myself and signed up for the Mala workshop with Hana. Her positive spirit filled the room we were in, her smile is contagious and I learned from her. My first choices of beads I thought were perfect, as I started assembling my pattern I realized it was way too frenetic for me. Hana gently said that was fine, choose the beads you like. I moved forward to make a beautiful Mala, I am not quite in to meditation Yet, whenever I see my necklace (which is several times a day) I feel as though it is telling me "I" am here when you are ready. Soon. If you have an opportunity to attend Hana's workshop do not miss the life experience.

Hana is really knowledgeable and patient, and making your own mala is really special. I'd totally recommend Hana's workshop!

It was awesome. Not only I got a beautiful mala, I also had lots of takeaways from the workshop. That was a true hands-on learning experience. You are one of a kind!

This workshop has helped launch my understanding and knowledge of the mala. I am excited about deepening my awareness of how I can use the beloved mala which I made in the workshop in my prayer life daily.

Hana has the sweet grounding energy. You’ll immediately feel at home as she welcomes you towards the sacred circle.

Hana is a very sweet young woman who has the spirit of a sage.

The mala I made became something dear personal and very special to me.

I want to thank you for all the amazing mala’s. My family loves them and I could not breathe without mine. Each one you made was different and fit the person wearing it. You are a artist, friend and the most compassionate women I’ve ever meet. Cheers. And thanks again. Btw. I need another one, ive met a women im crazy about and its her birthday next month.


Thanks so much Enchanted Strands for creating these beautiful malas for me. I wear the rose quartz mini mala quite often. As an empath and light worker, I often pick up energy from other people and it affects my heart chakra. My rose quartz mala helps to keep my heart chakra balanced. I actually feel more love & compassion while wearing it. I have worn my howlite, turquoise and aventurine mala during reiki and reflexology sessions. It helps to keep my and my clients' energies clear and balanced, and helps my clients to relax even more during the sessions. I love them both and definitely plan to order more malas from Enchanted Strands

Robin Bell