What are mala beads?

Traditionally, mala beads are tools for meditation. A string of beads to count mantras in meditation (mantras are a word or sound repeated in meditation). Mala Beads traditionally feature rudraksha seeds, sandalwood beads, bodhi seeds, etc. 

Who can wear the jewelry?

Anyone! Traditionally, mala beads are tools for meditation. A string of beads to help you focus your mind while you’re sitting. The jewelry is also beautiful, and can be worn to remind you of your intention. If you’re  manifesting strength, love, grounding etc., you can simply wear your beads to inspire you. 

How is Enchanted Strands unique?

Our pieces are handmade by Hana Pepin, using traditional techniques. Each necklace is handknotted between every bead — this is an authentic feature of a mala. All of our bracelets are handstrung. Every mala necklace and bracelet uses real gemstones. (We never use plastic or dyed glass.) 

What is the significance of having 108 beads in my mala?

All of our malas are made to specific spiritual numbers. Some believe there are 108 stages on the journey of the human soul, while others believe there are 108 desires in mortals, matched by the same amount of lies and delusions. Others connect the number’s significance to the heart chakra, as there is said to be 108 energy lines leading to it, one of which is believed to be the path to self realization. 

How do I use my mala?

Malas are often used to help count mantras during meditation. (A mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid in your concentration during meditation.) To count your mantras, hold your mala in your hand, and turn each bead with your thumb. Reaching the guru bead during meditation, the bead that dangles from the mala, signals a time for reflection. Do not continue over the guru bead. Instead, turn around and continue in the other direction. 

How do I choose my mala?

The simplest recommendation we have for you it let yourself be drawn to the first item that calls your attention. From there, ask yourself the following questions: What is my intention? (From here, you can choose by gemstone) Will I be using this in meditation? (Choose a mala with 108 beads, which all of our Mala pieces have) 

How do I care for my mala?

The gemstones help to protect you and you can give back to the mineral kingdom by blessing them with sage, palo santo and or incense. ​Simply light the sacred smudge or herbs and intend for them to cleanse your mala. You may also desire to place your Mala in the moonlight during Full Moons to charge (fill up, energize) your crystals.

Will my jewelry look the same as the photo?

Each piece of jewelry is hand made, using real gemstones. Because of this, each beads is unique. Sometimes gemstones will have specks and flecks of lighter or darker colors, which occur naturally. As they are undyed, they will have variances in color. 


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