African Turquoise & Shungite Mala

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African Turquoise & Shungite Mala


Insight, Grounding, Harmony, Self–Worth, Love

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African Turquoise & Shungite Mala

Hand Knotted & Made with:

-double threaded L-chord
-108 .8mm African Turquoise & Black Onyx
-Shungite Guru Bead
-Grey Nylon Tassel
-Full length of Mala sits: 23.5 inches

Chakras: All
Mantra: Om Dum Durgayei Namaha- Shakti Mantra by Thomas Ashley-Farrand
[ Om Doom Door-gah-yea Nahm-ah-hah]
“Salutations to She who is beautiful to the seeker of truth and terrible in appearance to those who would injure devotees of truth”
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius ( November 22-December 21)
Elements: Earth, Fire

Wear this Mala if you are looking to cultivate:

African Turquoise: Grounding, Connecting to the earth, Listen to one’s heart and be able to speak their truth. Balance, Optimism, Organization, new Beginnings, Renewal.

Shungite: is the stone of truth. It clears the energies of the entire body and opens one to receive spiritual light. Shungite can clear dysfunctional patterns manifesting as disease, emotional difficulties or various other types of negativity. It aids ungrounded people to better connect to the earth. It provides an aura of psychic protection and dispels one’s self-harming or self-defeating habitual patterns. It is excellent for letting go of deep-seated feelings of fear, guilt or shame.

**Item comes with gift bag, crystal description and Enchanted Strands sticker
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