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Amazonite Mala


Hope, Tranquility, Anxiety Relief, Toxic Energy Release, True Expression

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Amazonite Meditation Mala

Hand Knotted & Made with:
-double threaded L-chord
-108 .8mm Amazonite
-Moonstone Guru Bead
-Peach, Salmon, Light green and light blue mixed Nylon Tassel
-Full length of Mala sits: 22″

Chakras: Throat, Crown
Mantra: I am Safe, I am Grounded
Zodiac Sign: Leo (July 23-August 23), Aries (March 21-April 20), Aquarius (January 21-February 19)
Elements: Water

Designed to be used during meditation, this mala has a matte peach quartz stone placed at each 27 bead to mark where you are at during your meditation practice. This Mala can be worn because of its healing benefits below as well as balancing the planet Venus (the planet of relationship and love) while also helping those born under the Leo and Aries Zodiac sign.

Wear this Mala if you are looking to cultivate:

Peach Moonstone: Intuition, Love, Fertility, Receptivity, Renewal, Feminine Energy

Amazonite: Hope, Tranquility, Anxiety Relief, Toxic Energy Release, True Expression

**Item comes with gift bag, crystal description and Enchanted Strands sticker.
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