Artist Choice DIY Kit

Artist Choice DIY Kit




-108 8mm beads (+extra)
– 10mm Rudkraksha Guru Bead
– String & Wire Needle
– embroidery thread for handmade tassel
– Tutorial Video to learn how to tie knots and put the Mala together from anywhere in the world!
**Mala comes with enchanted strands gift bag, crystal description and Enchanted Strands sticker

Have you wanted to make a Mala but have not found the chance to attend a workshop? Are the tutorials on youtube confusing and hard to understand? Do you want a craft that you can do with your friends and family in your home, at a park or on a trip?

Enchanted Strands do it yourself Kit teaches you how to make your own Mala, all supplies are included and you can do it anywhere! The Mala comes in all one color making it more versatile. Buy a few kits for you and your friends and mix and match the beads. This is a wonderful, creative, fun and mindful activity you can do with all ages (12+).

For this kit you get a variety of beads to design a unique pattern with, the artist will choose all your materials and you get to receive this fun and creative surprise that is sure to look and feel amazing!


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