Custom Mala Deposit

Custom Mala Deposit


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Thank you for choosing the Enchanted way of life.  My mission is to customize your mala for your unique energy and constitution. You can expect a 1hr reading where we go over your Sun, Moon, Rising or Ascendant and Saturn signs. We see how the elements play a key role in you chart and influencing the balance of them via gemstones. If you have a specific request for the reading please let me know in advanced for example, you’d like to know your houses, your relationship with…, your job, romance, professional life or life’s purpose etc.

You Malas will take 2 weeks to receive from the time of the deposit or reading. A few other things to consider is do you want you mala to have a pendant or tassel? Do you prefer gold, silver or brass? Do you imagine your mala to be more masculine, grounding, darker stones or feminine, soft and lighter stone? Are there any specific stones you are drawn to?

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