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Manifestation Mala


Tigers Eye, Citrine and Howlite

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Manifestation Mala

Hand Knotted & Made with:

-double threaded L-chord
-108 .8mm Tigers Eye, White Howlite & Citrine
-Golden Rutilated Quartz Guru Bead
-Cream Silk Tassel
-Full length of Mala sits: 24 inches

Chakras: Solar Plexus & Crown
Mantra: I can, I will, I am strong
Zodiac Sign:Leo (July 23-August 23), Capricorn (December 22nd-January 20)
Elements: Fire, Earth, Air

This Mala is to bestow the wearer with courage, strength and self discipline. These stones promote mental clarity to move forward in the direction of your dreams. As it aligns and activates your energy it can help bring you into balance through getting to know and understand your extremes. Balanced between equal light and dark, this Mala is designed to remind you of your inner god/goddess that is waiting to express itself more fully. May it bring you closer to manifesting your dreams and aligning you with the people and places that promote your health, vitality and wellness. May it protect you from any negative energies or dense energies that do not serve you any longer. The Citrine is placed intentionally around the Mala to help you know where you are during your meditation practice. Citrine is one of the most powerful stones for manifesting your dreams and strengthening the energy of the Solar Plexus, the place where we come to gather our courage, to step up and out into the world to share our message and make a difference.

Wear this Mala if you are looking to cultivate:

White Howlite: Wisdom, Calming, Aids Insomnia, Offers Insight, patience, release negative energy
Tigers Eye: Physical Wellness, Protection, Grounding, Mindfulness, Balanced Energy
Citrine: Clarity, Focus, Inspiration, Abundance, Centeredness, Optimism

**Item comes with gift bag, crystal description and Enchanted Strands sticker
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