Quan Yin Mala

Quan Yin Mala


Quan Yin

This mala carries the wisdom of Quan Yin, considered the mother of compassion and hope in the Japanese culture. Imbued with healing mantras and prayers for the wearer to gain love, compassion, understanding, inner wisdom and harness her inner goddess to be. a way shower for her community, family and friends. Made with top quality Canadian jade, mother of pearl, 14k gold spacers and clasp, finished with a brass Quan yin pendant on extra strong wire.

With the purchase of this mala you will receive an affirmation card with crystal properties, custom gift box, sticker and sacred keepsake bag to keep your mala safe.

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Some healers use pearls to help balance body rhythms and hormone levels with lunar cycles, and to harmonize human beings with the natural world. The inner glow (orient) of pearls is thought to tap inner wisdom and nurture love. Pearls are also believed to signify innocence and faith. Practitioners use pearls to enhance personal integrity, bring truth forward, grow sincerity, inhibit immodest behavior and advance in wisdom.

Jade is aGuardian Harmonizer Crystal. When you have something you want to protect use a crystal that forms in the monoclinic system like Jade. These Guardian crystals have an internal structure that is composed of parallelograms.The parallel structure of their crystalline lattice gives these crystals their power to protect us in the physical world and in the spiritual one. The Guardian talismans do not reveal their inner strength. These stones rarely, if ever, form transparent crystals. Rather, they hide their strength behind an opaque mask, obscuring the power they possess.In the physical world they are excellent aids in protecting your loved ones, your possessions, and your physical security. They are very useful in protecting houses and homes, property, and valuables.In the spiritual world, the Guardian crystals have several special uses. They first serve to guard your beliefs against doubt. Everyone at some point begins to doubt some of his or her most cherished beliefs.Green Jade is an ancient talisman of protection and luck. This cabochon makes an excellent “lucky stone” to protect you against ill fortune. Keep it in your pocket.

Additional information

Green Jade

Green Jade

Size & Shipping

All Malas are made to order and take up to 2 weeks.

-Luxury Mala are not knotted
-108 Grade AA gemstone beads
-.8mm bead size
-Durable beading wire
– Brass Quan Yin
– 14k gold spacers
-ethically sourced pearls
-14k gold lobster clasp
-Sits approx. 26 in. length
-Crystal color may vary

*Lifetime Guarantee on all Luxury Malas (free repairs)

*DISCLAIMER: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
The results are the sole responsibility of the wearer*


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