Wheel of Fortune (Luck)

Wheel of Fortune (Luck)


KeywordsChance, Changes, Destiny, Luck, Opportunity, Winning
Gemstones: Pyrite, Aventurine & Kambaba Jasper
In this card, we see a revolving wheel which represents the wheel of life. In each corner of the card we see four winged creatures sitting upon clouds. These creatures represent the four elements of minor arcana. A common aspect to most interpretations of this card within a reading is to introduce an element of change in the querent’s life, such change being in station, position or fortune: such as the rich becoming poor, or the poor becoming rich.


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Pyrite: Masculine Energy, manifestation, action, vitality, willpower, creativity, confidence. Encourages mastering fear and taking assertive action. Promotes positive attitude and strong resolve, banishes negativity.

Aventurine: Vitality, Growth, Confidence. Inspires optimism, self-confidence, and peace amid difficulty. Brings good fortune and blessings, manifestation and prosperity.

Jasper: Grounding mental energies; discipline and perseverance; slow, steady healing.  Helps calm fear or worry caused by overactive mental energies. Helps grounds and organize the mind, aids in problem solving.

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